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PVC Pipe Sculptures

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In yet another example of artwork constructed from unconventional materials, Korean artist Kang Duck-bong uses cut sections of PVC pipe, painted and arranged to resemble people and machines in motion.

The Indian Rural Olympics

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You think all the “extreme” sports you see on the X-Games are a new idea? Hardly; India’s most adventurous athletes have been putting their bodies to the test at the Rural Olympics for 76 years.

How do you train for that?

Held near Ludhiana in the northern part of the country, the games feature marquee events such as Getting Run Over by a Tractor, Holding a Plow with your Teeth, and Hockey(?). Is this where the guys from Jackass get some of their ideas?

They all got plowed at the afterparty.

Amazing Tobacco Sculptures

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Artist Janio Nunez is a former cigar roller from Cuba. Not satisfied simply rolling tobacco leaves, Janio now makes incredibly detailed sculptures using nothing but the dried leaves and glue. He plans to start a museum of his work soon, hopefully not next to this guy’s work.

If you’re feeling a little caught up in the stresses of modern life, perhaps a trip back to the Stone Age is in order.

Though this house looks like it belongs in Bedrock, it’s actually located in Malibu and is owned by radio icon Dick Clark, who has it listed for sale for $3.5 million. That might seem pretty steep, but that three and a half mil also gets you 23 acres and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. All that’s missing is pterodactyl turntable and a nosy next door neighbor!